When Construction and Technology Converge

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When Construction and Technology Converge

Autodesk blog When Construction and Technology Converge

When Construction and Technology Converge courtesy of Autodesk blog pages

I came across this interesting article in the Autodesk Construction and Design blog listings lately. In one of the blog sites; Beyond Design, the article entitled When Construction and Technology Converge, examines the relationship between software applications, mobile devices (or indeed any type of media device) and the user in respect of age.

An interesting scenario was highlighted where the authors’ young child was able to explore an Autodesk app, without actually tutored or knowing what she was doing. Thinking at a tangent to the article, this made me consider a question or debate that has been bounded around discussion pages and coffee stops for a long time. Should academia be teaching their students software applications? There are numerous arguments for and against the quandary, and I for one certainly have my own views. However this article made me stop and think again.

Perhaps the majority of Universities are correct in their stance of not teaching software skills, after all, according to the statistics in the Autodesk article, the up and coming generation of graduates may already have the basis of a sixth sense of being able to take on the skills of a software package from the tender age of 3-5years. Quote,    “The research shows that knowing how to use digital devices is almost a birth right to this generation.”  

Is the next generation of students (of all ages) treating mobile devices in a similar manner as their predecessors did with a pencil and paper?

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For those of you reading this post on my website having been directed from LinkedIn, it would be nice to hear your views on the subject.

Thank you and credit to Autodesk blogs and the author of the linked article Shawn Butler. Certainly food for thought.

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