Revit Stopped Working

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Revit problem Revit Stopped Working

Revit Stopped Working

Revit Stopped Working

Dimension Drawings recently encountered a major problem with their Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015 software, and we thought it may be an idea to release the content to the Revit Community. Should the problem arise with other users then this quiet unique problem is at least search and findable on the internet. This is something we were unable to achieve, and very quickly discovered there was no quick fix and certainly not posted on the internet search facilities.

Revit Stopped Working – The problem.

We have been using Revit Architecture 2015 for a number of months without any issues, and then a few days ago when I was closing a project I got a warning saying that Revit had stopped working.
A similar warning was flagged up when I double click on a component wishing to go to the family editor.
Every other action and process is working fine.
We contacted Autodesk who have been very good and frantically tried to resolve this issue.
After numerous attempts to resolve the matter by the following means, we were no further on.
• Repaired the program
• Re-installed the program
• Uninstalled and then a full installation
• Uninstalled all extensions and third party add-ins
• The Revit journals have not indicated any issues
• Updated graphics card drivers
• Cleared out and deleted all temp files
At this point we decided to post the problem on LinkedIn Revit community groups requesting help. This created quiet a response. We have listed the suggestions below.

Revit Stopped Working – The Suggestions

Good_idea Revit Stopped Working

Revit Stopped Working


Linkedin – Club Revit – Revit Stopped Working

Robin Mercier

Robin Mercier Kuc, Assoc. AIA

3D/BIM Design Consultant

Just one more thought–months ago I had some bizarre behavior when opening Family Editor and some other things. It turned out to be (after lengthy consultation with Autodesk) a graphics card setting related to desktop. Never would have guessed that.


Walter L.

Walter L. Mullett, A.I.A.

Architect at Braun & Steidl Architects, Inc.

You don’t say if you have the updates installed.

Where does your license reside? This might be a network problem but typically Revit tells you a license is not available.

Also, If you are using worksharing, it is possible that Revit loses the network connection to your central. So does Revit work with a stand-a-lone file?



Kasra Sadeghipour

Consultant at Kasra & Associates

Back in old days problem like that was because part of windows WIN.NI or system.INI was corrupted or had a line blocking a program or change setting. But I am sure problem is far more complected than that.


Juan José

Juan José Andrada

Ingeniero Civil – Estructural en [A] DCE diseño+calculo::estructuras

Few months ago i’ve faced 2015-autodesk-product’s issues with Windows 8.1 (x64) and couldn’t fix that.
Downgraded to windows 8 (x64) (so much effort and time) and reinstalled autocad & revit 2015, now run properly.
Since then i have not try run revit 2015 or autocad 2015, on windows 8.1 x64



Steve Ziesing

at Steve Ziesing Design

The best fix on the operating system side is to DUMP windows 8 & 8.1 and move back to windows 7. 8 & 8.1 is only a marketing thing for touch screen computers, but since NO Autodesk products use touch screen, that I am aware of, they are useless and are disruptive. Also if you “upgraded” to Windows 8/8.1, you have brought on a whole lot of other problems. Always do a clean install, in other words wipe the drive completely and load the operating system. It’s pretty bad when a company like MICROSOFT rolls out a “NEW” product, i.e. Windows 8, and on the morning of the same day “pink slip” the head of the project!

LinkedIn – AUGI Revit Architecture Community – Revit Stopped Working


Lee Phillips

Project Manager / Pre Construction Project Manager at Scott Builders Inc. LEED AP BD+C

you likely tried this, but are all of your Autodesk updates / service packs current ?



Adrien Mendoza

Designer and (VDC Modeling Consutant/Specialist) at Mendoza Designs & Blueprints

Try to open a backup file from the day before. and save to central. if that doesnt work. But the file opens and saves properly to its own file. Then you will have save a duplicate copy for backup. Then rename the file what the central was and replace the central.

if you are using revit server its a bit tricky. i hope this helps



Ruan Barnard

BIM Manager at dhk architects

“when I double click on a component wishing to go to the family editor”
From my experience… never ever just blindly double-click on any Revit file… that’s an epic fail waiting to happen.

Have you tried auditing the guilty family and subsequently also the problematic project? If that particular family that’s causing the issue has been inserted into the project it could be the root of the problem.



Ali Al-Hammoud

Structural Design Engineer – CAD/BIM Manager at MZ & Partners

Hi. I would try the following:
Make sure you have all hot fixes and service packs installed.
Turn off anti-aliasing and restart Revit.
Update your graphic card.
Uninstall all other Revit versions adding plugins …

I had an issue close to this once. There was a plugin installed for an older version that caused some problems. Worth a try.

If all doesn’t work then a full removal of Revit including cleaning your registry would be the only solution.



Ferri.Architects Ferri.Architects

architect at

sory to say but you have an OS issue. Very common for autodesk product.
fast solution – reinstall all – first OS, next autodesk product.
hard long solution – to remove one by one (in most cases manually) updates of OS. updating some of MS products, usually you make some OS patches too. is an .net compatible problem.
again – sory to bring bad news :))))



Karin Schmatz

Senior Structural Draftsperson – Revit

if you still have Revit 2012 installed, uninstall! When Revit 2013 arriv the framework changed from 4.0 to 4.5. This totally currupted Revit 2013 and 2014. This would also apply for 2015. There is a hotfix for 2012, to solve this problem. After removing 2012, reinstall 2015



Manuel López Teruel

Formador VII Máster Diseño Mecánico – Catia V5 en CT Formación – Opportunities’ door

Hello Harry.
It may be a problem with your graphic card. Uninstall the last update and try. I had a very similar issue with Revit 2014 and after doing that it worked.
Good luck.



Darrell Smith

Owner / Architect / BIM Evangelist – Revit Implementor, Instructor, & Authorized Agent for Advance2K, Assemble, & Lumion


While Ferri’s suggestion may ultimately be the solution, it may be overkill. I suggest you start smaller.

You may have already done this when you suggested you “uninstalled” Revit, but I just want to make sure you didn’t skip a step. Whenever I have had to reinstall Revit for any reason, it has almost always required a “clean” uninstall of the program. This involves not only “uninstalling the program and deleting all remnants of the program within the directory, but also going into and editing the .INI file which fires open with Windows. The INI file has residual information, which if corrupted, is often not removed when the program is uninstalled. this residual information could be the cause of the issue.

I have attached a link below to a website giving you the directions. Be very careful to copy and backup your INI file before you begin to edit it. Otherwise, you might do too much cleanup and kill your machine.

If you don’t trust my link (understandable in today’s age, simply do a search for “Revit 2015 clean uninstall” It will get you the same result.

Regarding Karin’s suggestion that you need to uninstall Revit 2012, I believe she misunderstood what the fix was for and what it affected. While partially correct, it is misguided and equally incorrect.

I have Revit versions from 2008 to 2015 all on my current machine and they all run just fine. The hotfix she mentions fixes 2012 and 2013 which would have glitchy behavior due to the 2014 install and more specifically, the new .net framework that was installed with it. 2014 and 2015 were designed to work on the new .net framework and will work with or without the hotfix, but the hotfix resolves issues with 2012 and 2013. Keeping them on your machine later will have no affect on 2015. That said, if you have not install the new .net framework prior to installing 2014 or 2015, neither will run properly whether you have 2012 installed or not.

That said, before you install Revit, be sure all Windows updates have been performed. And make sure you turn off ALL Anti-virus softwares while you are installing Revit or any other program for that matter. they tend to corrupt installations…especially Norton. Once installed, you can turn your anti-virus back on.

If none of this works, Ferri’s suggestion may be what you need to do.


LinkedIn – Revit Users Ireland Group – Revit Stopped Working



Shane MacLaughlin

Managing Director at Atlas Computers Ltd

Haven’t had the problem with Revit, but I have seen automatic updates to Windows and other drivers knock out other bits of software, such as TrueView. Have you tried rolling back the system to before the last date that it was working? Start / Accessories / System tools / System Restore. This only affects programs and not data, and is typically reversible, though if in any doubt do a full backup beforehand.

Another beauty we had with a client last week that killed an AutoCAD add-on was an updated security policy that prevented creation of .SCR files. This extension refers to scripts that may contain viruses, but also AutoCAD script files. If any piece of software that was reliable stops working, it is always worth investigating any updates to your security products and policies, as these wonderful applications often cause more problems than they solve.



David Morgan

Revit Modeller – Electrical at PM Group

It might be a corrupt component. Is it now only crashing when you double click on certain families? Would it be possible for you to delete the family(s) that cause a crash and recreate them from scratch?


Harry Walton

Proprietor at Dimension Drawings

Shane, thank you for the information. I am considering doing a system restore, but awaiting a further update from Autodesk. I and Autodesk have looked at any updates that occurred on or before the issue arose and there does not seem to be any coinciding factors. That applies to both software and security software. I will investigate further the security products and try the Revit commands with the security disabled briefly.
David, thank you also. Unfortunately the problem occurs with all components and families, even the Revit library stock. I wish I could blame it on a family which I had created, although at that particular time I was creating a lot of family components. I have used the same families on my lap top without any issues (so far).
The same problem arises when I close a project by clicking on the application button/menu – Close. Revit stops working and the software either closes or freezes until I close the software down.



Gary Fellows

Director ~ Principal C.A.D. / B.I.M. Designer

Looking into the ‘ini’ file may resolve. Research on Google.



David Gawley

BIM Consultancy Director at Pentagon Solutions Ltd.

Hi Harry, this can be down to a corruption of the .net components. We have noted issues before on splash screens and exits and a reinstall of .net has fixed this. Sometimes even the repair of the .net components will address the problem. The only concern is that .net is used in a lot of applications so caution needs to be taken. I have asked one of our technical team to give you a shout on this to try and resolve.

See link below for the process:



James Herron

Architect/Senior BIM Consultant at Pentagon Solutions Ltd.

Harry, give me a shout in the morning if you need some help with this.


Harry Walton

Proprietor at Dimension Drawings

Latest update- Autodesk development team have taken remote access to the work station and recorded log events,journals and system analysis data. No obvious signs of why these crashes are occurring. All data extracted for further scrutiny. Hopefully an answer next week. Ever hopeful

Revit Stopped Working – The Solution

Solution Revit Stopped Working

Revit Stopped Working



Harry Walton

Proprietor at Dimension Drawings

It has taken quite a bit of time but I believe finally we have an answer to the problem of Revit Not Working.
Without going into the day by day tasks and trials to find the source of the issue which believe me has been tedious. After a process of installing, uninstalling and reinstalling with a fine mixture of elimination trials, we were able to almost certainly establish that there is some strange reaction between Revit Architecture 2015 and Autodesk BIM 360 utility.
Autodesk BIM 360 is automatically installed as part of the Building Design Suite (and in my case, Premium). During the installation process and when you are prompted as to which programs you wish installed, you do not actually get the option of installing BIM 360 or not. AutoCAD, Navisworks, Revit ECT are obviously on the tick list, but not BIM 360.
I must admit that I was not even aware that the program was installed. An update for BIM 360 was released back in December but not using BIM 360 nor even aware I had it installed; it never crossed my mind to update the software. This MAY have been the problem.
However, in collaboration with Autodesk Europe and indeed Autodesk Development team in USA we have not been able to replicate this action on another workstation. The crash can still be actioned when the two programs are installed on my workstation, but the resolution is simply to uninstall BIM 360. So far so good!
Autodesk are still investigating the issue and hopefully they will root out the problem before anyone else gets bitten with a similar problem.
It is now almost certain that this is the answer but it really is an assumption. The answer is purely derived from a process of elimination and cannot be 100% certain until the same or similar crash can be replicated elsewhere, but the case for this appears to be corroborated by the fact that an update release was made available.
To bring the post to a conclusion I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the conversation and posted their experiences/ideas in an attempt to resolve my problem. Many thanks also to Autodesk case Officer who dealt with this matter in such a professional manner.

CONCLUSION – Revit Stopped Working

I trust and hope no one ever encounters this frustrating issue with Revit 2015, but if you do then perhaps this blog will address the issue and point you in the correct direction to finding your solution. Happy Reviting!


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