New Year Student Tuition Discount

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New Year Student Tuition Discount

New Year Student Tuition Discount

Dimension Drawings are planning their business strategy for 2014, and as an integral consideration, we have made a commitment to assist academic students in Northern Ireland with their learning and tuition of Autodesk Revit Architecture. How do we propose do this? By introducing the New Year Student Tuition Discount scheme.

With the implementation and uptake of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Northern Ireland, it has become very apparent that a new skill set is required associated with the BIM compliant software. No more so than with the Architectural academia.

Training courses and tuition does not come cheap. The majority of software training is pushed aside during University and College years, as the fees are not conducive with student finances. Historically, training then becomes one of the first tasks for students who are fortunate enough to secure employment. The training fees are then undertaken by the employer.

However, potential employers when advertising job vacancies, are virtually demanding prior knowledge and skill-sets specific to such software. It certainly enhances the applicant’s chances of winning that job vacancy if they can include on their C.V. prior engagement with professional software programmes. Most scenarios result in the experienced applicant winning the competition, not the newly graduated student. Even if the post is for a graduate level applicant, wouldn’t it be nice to apply for that post having been trained in Autodesk Revit Architecture?

Dimension Drawings are aware of the position of the student, and are embarking on a training/tuition scheme to address these issues. During 2014, Dimension Drawings are proposing to provide a heavily discounted tuition fee for Northern Ireland students within the Architectural academic disciplines.

The New Year Student Tuition Discount scheme will be a flexible, affordable and bespoke arrangement between the individual student and Dimension Drawings. Considerations as follows:-

  • One to one tuition
  • Group sessions
  • Project led content
  • Pre-set mock project content
  • Full fundamental course programme
  • Subject specific tuition
  • Hourly rate
  • Fixed course fee
  • Dimension Drawings staff will travel to your location

Dimension Drawings’ staff have been actively using Autodesk Revit Architecture since 2008. The knowledge they have gained on the software during those 6 years is vast. One of the services provided by Dimension Drawings is the training and implementation of Revit Architecture within Architectural practices. Numerous courses and implementation packages have now been delivered to practices across Northern Ireland and mainland Britain. Therefore who better to assist with your tuition than Dimension Drawings?

A three day training course across the UK and Ireland can cost from approximately £600 to £1,060. This averages out to approximately £25 to £44 per hour.

Dimension Drawings New Year Student Tuition Discount – Costs

  • Hourly rate = £10 per hour / individual student.

  • Reduced rate for group bookings. Dependent on group numbers.

  • Full course rate = Even greater discount.                                                                            Call and speak to Harry to discuss a fixed cost.

Please note: Travel costs may be applicable and will be spread across a group booking.

If you wish to avail of the New Year Student Tuition Discount offer, give us a ring at the numbers below or use our contact page. We will be glad to assist you and discuss your needs.

Phone us at

028 91272933 or 07816669271




Autodesk for Students – FREE


Are you aware that Autodesk supply a free version of Revit Architecture to Students?

Click on the text below, follow the link, read more, and see if you qualify.




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