Dimension Drawings with 3rd Dimension

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Dimension Drawings with 3rd Dimension

Dimension Drawings with 3rd Dimension

Dimension Drawings recently collaborated with 3rd Dimension, 3D Design Bureau, located in Blackrock, County Dublin,  successfully completed a Building Information Modelling visualisation project.

Harry Walton from Dimension Drawings was sub contracted to the 3rd Dimension Studios to work as part of a team on a visualisation project, just one of a number of skills 3rd Dimension Studios specialise in. The project was a major dual purpose project to include commercial and residential buildings, and located within the greater Dublin area.

It was really interesting to gain access to 3rd Dimension’s studio and absorb the knowledge imparted by a very professional staff. Their workflows for such a project, geared towards a visualisation package, was certainly different from those skills involved in “normal” BIM and Revit modelling. Certainly the work flow requires a very in-depth knowledge of Revit Architecture, and further to this a knowledge of the visualisation process is vital.

Previously 3rd Dimension has used AutoCAD as their preferred drawing software prior to exporting to Autodesk 3ds Max, however having experienced the potential and advantages of Autodesk Revit, they decided to use Autodesk Revit Architecture as the principal modelling software. Having completed the Revit model, it was then, as before exported to 3ds Max for the rendering and visualisation process.

It was a privilege and a fantastic opportunity for Harry Walton and Dimension Drawings to be involved in such a contract and project. Working with such a knowledgeable and professional group of people was a pleasant change from the normal “one-man” status of Dimension Drawings. Working in the 3rd Dimension environment gave an insight into the services 3rd Dimension 3D Design Bureau provide, such as

  • Architectural Visualisation
  • Building Information Modelling B.I.M.
  • Photogrammetry
  • 3D Production Design
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Graphics

Harry Walton stated,  “It was a great opportunity to work with such a friendly and professional bunch of guys. The office is bulging with talent, and I believe that the owner of the practice, Nick Polley, is very fortunate to have such staff.”

Dimension Drawings hopes to publish on their web page the result of the collaborative project in the near future by uploading some of the product from this project, so keep a look out for an update to this post.

Meanwhile why not check out 3rd Dimension Design Bureau we site by clicking on the image below.

Dimension Drawings with 3rd Dimension

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If you need to contact 3rd Dimension Design Bureau, get in touch with Nick Polley through their web page or directly by the following means.

Phone: +353 (0) 1 288 0186
Email: info@3rddimension.ie
Skype: md3rddimension
Address: 65 Rock Road,
Co Dublin,


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